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Letter: Gov. Guy commended for forward thinking on water issues

Much has been said of Gov. William Guy since his passing last month. He has been appropriately lauded as a visionary who brought North Dakota into the modern era and continued pushing us toward the future. There is little else I can add to the myriad tributes already written about Gov. Guy, but I feel compelled to try.

Gov. Guy was always one of the most vocal proponents of the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District and our mission to provide a reliable water supply to all North Dakotans. He understood very early on that the Red River is not always going to be able to provide a reliable water supply to the cities, farms and businesses of eastern North Dakota without a little help.

As Gov. Guy saw it, the only solution is to transport water from the Missouri River to the eastern part of the state to supplement the Red River. He was right. Despite the complications and resistance, he continued to advocate for the development of a pipeline to take Missouri River water to the Red River long after he retired from North Dakota's political arena.

Today, Garrison Diversion is continuing to work towards that very same solution with the Red River Valley Water Supply Project, which will transport Missouri River water via a pipeline to Lake Ashtabula where it will be funneled into the Sheyenne and Red rivers.

We will always be indebted to Gov. Guy for his support, his forward thinking on water issues and his stalwart determination to provide the Red River Valley with a reliable water supply for years to come. We will proudly remember Gov. Guy as we strive to turn his vision into a reality.

Ken Vein

Garrison Diversion Board Chairman