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West Fargo resident succeeds in Twist of Fate hunt

Bob Syverson (center) earned his first bow kill with the help of his guides Tory Zimmerman (left) and Mike Hetland. Submitted photo

West Fargo resident Bob Syverson shot a doe over the last weekend in September with the help of Twist of Fate, an organization that sets up a three-day bow hunting trip for disabled hunters in the area.

The 125-pound deer, shot with a crossbow, was Syverson’s first deer claimed without a firearm.

Twist of Fate provided a camping and hunting area near Kindred for 13 hunters, most of whom are wheelchair-bound. Everything is provided for the hunters, including guides, tents and ground blinds. Hunters had to purchase their own licenses, but were then reimbursed by the organization.

They also provided food, including a steak dinner on Friday night.

“I have never eaten so much in three days in my life,” Syverson said, laughing.

Hunters are required to apply for the hunt, with roughly 12 selected. Those who were selected this year are very unlikely to be selected for next year’s hunt.

Syverson sat all day on Thursday, Fraiday and Saturday morning before seeing a deer just before sunset on Saturday evening, but the experience as a whole was the most enjoyable part for him.

“I met so many new people,” Syverson said. “I made a close relationship with my guides. Over the noon hour, they had a great big tent where you could have donuts and coffee and share stories with other hunters. That, to me, was a lot of fun.”

Twist of Fate was created in 2006 by a group of dedicated sportsmen and archers in an effort to make archery more accessible to anyone with the desire to shoot a bow or crossbow, regardless of physical limitations. Several North Dakota businesses and organization contribute to make the hunt possible.

“In my mind, the organization does a super job,” Syverson said. “They are so amenable to help those of us that need it. I was very impressed.”