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Game and Fish monitors waters for ANS

North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel will continue to monitor waters throughout the state this summer for aquatic nuisance species. Lynn Schlueter, ANS coordinator, said efforts will focus on waters with a history of high use.

"Much of our time will be centered on favorite destinations of out-of-state anglers," Schlueter said. "However, if time allows we will survey secondary water bodies, including large wetlands often used as a source of fathead minnows by bait vendors."

During a recent inspection of water areas north of Valley City, a fisheries crew found a few curly leaf pondweed plants in Lake Ashtabula. "This does not come as a total surprise since curly leaf was found in the Sheyenne River downstream in recent years," Schlueter said. "Even though only a few plants were found, it takes only one tiny fragment to grow into a plant and infest another water body."

Schlueter said identifying ANS infestations is the first step in preventing their spread. "Prevention is much easier and cheaper than dealing with another infestation," he added. "An infestation can eventually ruin angling and impair recreational boating opportunities."

Anglers and other water recreationists are reminded that ANS can be transported from lake-to-lake by boats, trailers and other recreational equipment.

Detailed ANS information and prevention regulations can be found in the 2008-10 North Dakota Fishing Guide, or by accessing the Game and Fish Department Web site at