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Fargo-Moorhead Audubon Society seeks volunteers for Christmas Bird Count

The Fargo-Moorhead chapter of the National Audubon Society is seeking volunteers to help in its annual Christmas Bird Count.

You don't have to be a diehard bird watcher to participate in the CBC, however, which is in its 110th year nationally. Though participants can venture afield to tally bird numbers, they may also keep it simple and watch the action from the comfort of their own home.

According to the Audubon Web site, tens of thousands of Americans take part in the count every year, which runs from Dec. 14-Jan. 5 nationwide. The Fargo-Moorhead count will take place Saturday, Dec. 19.

"Each of the citizen scientists who annually brave snow, wind, or rain, to take part in the Christmas Bird Count makes an enourmous contribution to conservation," the Web site says. "Audubon and other organizations use data collected in the longest-running wildlife census to assess the health of bird populations - and to help guide conservation action."

Persons interested in participating can find additional information on the Audubon Web site at Fargo-Moorhead area residents who would like to take part in the CBC can contact Dennis or Diane at 287-4420 for more information.