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Letter to the Editor: Boys, girls swimming sports coverage light

To the Editor:

For the past seven years of my life it has been Thursday's that have been the most exciting day of the week for me. Hurrying home after swim practice and flipping open the sports section quick to see who the lucky athletes were to be chosen to be represented by their sport. Reading about how their season has been going and what good and hard times there are to come.

Every sport has their own stars and outstanding athletes but I always felt that the sport of swimming fell a little short when it came to being shown in the paper. There are many different personalities and contributions that make up what are the West Fargo Packers boys and girls' high school teams and also the club team, the West Fargo Flyers. Amazingly dedicated coaches, tough hardworking kids, and supporting parents are just a few of the things that make this sport not only a team, but a family as well.

I am a senior in high school now but I know that my swimming career didn't just end in November. I hope to come back and help out with coaching and see how this devoted team builds and enhances themselves through each other and their competitors. Some people would think that swimming is all physical work and that anyone can get in a pool and swim back and forth. Yet swimming takes more mental power than physical power itself because of the different strenuous situations you are put into everyday. These teammates of mine that have always been there for me both mentally and physically are some of the best friends that I will always have and I hope they will be represented more for their epic accomplishments.

Meghan Schreier

West Fargo