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Racer Profile: James Tandeski

Wissota Street Stock driver James Tandeski, West Fargo, exits his car after a test run at dusk earlier this season at the Red River Valley Speedway in West Fargo. David Samson/The Forum

• Age: 27.

• City: West Fargo.

• Occupation: Bar Manager at The Bowler.

• Years racing: Five. I have raced at tracks in West Fargo, Lisbon, Jamestown, Alexandria, Fergus Falls, Sauk Centre, Sauk Rapids and Ogilvie.

• Current car class/number: Street Stocks (My car class actually uses the 80's General Motors Metric Monte Carlos, Buick Regals, or Cutlass Supremes. My class of cars have actually been driven years ago through cities and streets). No. 7 (Who wouldn't want a lucky car number? And it was my dad's number when he raced back in the '90s).

• Main sponsors: The Bowler, Tax-Xperts, Gina's Pizza (located in The Bowler), Budweiser, Crown Royal, Stolichnaya Vodka, Monster Energy Drink, The Kingpin Casino (located in The Bowler), and A&W Root beer. .

• Career highlight/favorite memory: The most memorable highlight of my career is when I won my very first feature race at The Red River Valley Speedway in May of 2008. I remember the hair on my neck standing up, and getting goose bumps after I had crossed the finish line.  I also remember looking at all my fans, family and friends standing up, cheering for me after I had crossed the finish line in first place.