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West Fargo Soccer Club adopts new logo

The West Fargo Soccer Club recently adopted a new logo to replace its old logo. Submitted photo

The West Fargo Soccer Club is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has adopted a new logo for the club.

"We're excited about this new logo and how it reinforces the club's overall identity," board president Kim Hurley said. "It's a simple and strong design that board members feel conveys positive movement and energy while reinforcing our status as an independent, community-based organization."

The new design includes several icon, text and color combinations for various applications.

Hurley said the board adopted the new logo for several reasons.

First, the new logo provides more of a sense of movement and energy at a time when the club is adding programs, is doing everything possible to enhance the quality of our offerings for players, families, coaches and partners, and is looking for innovative ways to ensure continuous improvement into the future.

The simple, strong design separates the icon from the words so that it is easier to see and comprehend. With the previous logo, it was difficult to separate the word "soccer" from the soccer ball background on clothing and in other applications in which the logo needed to be small.

The new logo adds the word "Club" to "West Fargo Soccer," which clarifies the fact that we are a club program, and differentiates WFSC and our programs from other clubs and organizations in the metro area.

The new design will make it relatively easy to transition to new primary and secondary colors. It may become desirable to change from green and white, colors that are aligned with West Fargo High School, to something that will be neutral between WFHS colors and those adopted for the new high school, which is projected to open during the 2015-16 school year. Since WFSC will be serving kids from both high schools, it is possible that we will want to make that change when the time comes.

The club will continue to use the previous logo for the spring 2012 recreational program. The new logo will be featured on rec program T-shirts beginning with the summer 2012 WFSC, West Fargo Parks rec program and 2012 competitive program.

It will immediately be on the website, the WFSC Facebook page, and on any new print advertisements that appear in the future. The new logo also will be available for application on clothing at various sporting goods stores around the community.

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