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Fargo Soccer Club expands into West Fargo

Bailey Hurley (green) of the original West Fargo Soccer Club pushes the ball past the defender during the the Walmart Cup tournament in Blaine, Minn., in June.

The Fargo Soccer Club, led by club president Matt Noah, has expanded its operations into West Fargo and formed the new West Fargo Soccer Club.

This new club will be competing for players with the original West Fargo Soccer Club, which has been in the city for 20 years.

"West Fargo Soccer Club has been around since 1992, and we really pride ourselves on being a hometown club," Club president Kim Hurley said. "For these kids from West Fargo to be able to wear the green and white and play with their friends, neighbors and classmates in this city is really a big thing."

The new club's chief advisor, West Fargo resident Kelvin Daniels, claims that the Fargo Soccer Club has been having West Fargo residents playing for their club in recent years, and that their desire is to give them their own sense of hometown pride.

"Fargo Soccer club has been serving the West Fargo community for more than four years," Daniels said. All the new club is doing is giving those players an opportunity to play for their community as a West Fargo soccer club."

A significant difference between the two clubs is that the new club is for-profit, while the original club is, and has always been, a non-profit organization. Noah sees a for-profit organization as the better route for the community.

"If something goes wrong in a for-profit organization, you know exactly whose fault it is," Noah said. "It's my responsibility, and people know that."

Hurley, on the other hand, sees the non-profit system as the better option.

"The best part about being non-profit is that all the money we raise gets put right back into the programs that we run," Hurley said. "Money isn't going anywhere else."

Daniels sees the club's expansion as an opportunity for players in the West Fargo community to decide what club is best for them without leaving the area.

"If there's a grocery store in town with great service and shelves that are always stocked, you wouldn't think about opening another grocery store across the street, but if that grocery store doesn't have its shelves full, it's something to think about," Daniels said. "Resident should not have to leave a community in order to get high-level or year-round comprehensive training that will prepare its players for the highest competitive level of play."

Hurley believes that the addition of a new soccer club in West Fargo can only benefit the community.

"The (original) West Fargo Soccer Club welcomes other clubs in the area," Hurley said. "It's going to make us a better club."

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