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Packers boys' soccer loses to Deacons

Conrad Hager scored two goals to push Fargo Shanley past West Fargo 2-1 in Eastern Dakota Conference boys soccer Thursday.

The Packers had some issues in the first half, unable to gain any momentum. "The boys realized how big this rivalry is," head coach Doug Millar said. "I think we were just so keyed up in the first half, we came out almost in a coma."

Millar talked about the dramatic shift the team made in the second half.

"You could tell we were kind of bummed at halftime," Millar said. "I credit my staff for telling them to focus on the little things, and they went out and probably played our best half. I am really glad with how they responded."

Zuheer Al Abase scored the Packer's only goal off a free kick in the second half.

Junior keeper Nathan Sample stopped seven of nine shots.

The Packers will head to Fargo South High School for a game tomorrow night at 7 p.m.