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Sheyenne Mustangs get new logo

The West Fargo School Board adopted an official logo for the district's new high school, the West Fargo Sheyenne Mustangs during their regularly scheduled Monday night meeting.

An earlier version of the logo was previously shown to some staff, parents and students in the area of the current Sheyenne 9th Grade Center, which will complete its first phase of becoming a full high school in August 2013. They gave their input regarding tweaks and modifications they felt should be made to the logo, and the final product was unveiled to the School Board on Monday night.

The primary logo features a mustang's head from a side profile, and is royal blue accented with orange and white.

A secondary logo was also introduced, depicting a full-body side profile of a galloping mustang with a similar color scheme.

"(Having two separate logos) gives us the flexibility to use the logo in different formats and for different purposes," Superintendent David Flowers said.

In several versions of the logo, the word "Mustangs" is above and behind the mustang, contouring to its head.

Both logos were shown on backdrops of blue, orange and white.

The unveiling of the logo was met with praise by the board, who voted unanimously to make it the official logo of the Mustangs.

The board also unanimously agreed to accept a contract for architectural design services with YHR Partners, located in Moorhead, for the construction of the next West Fargo elementary school, which, as of now, will be built on a 12-acre site just east of the new High School.

The current plan for the new school would be to have a very similar floor plan as both Aurora and Freedom Elementary, but not to have it seem like a direct copy of either school.

The construction of both Freedom and the next elementary school were authorized in an $82.5 million school bond vote in May 2011.

YHR representative Julie Rokke, who was in attendance at the meeting, claimed that YHR already has a few plans to set this new school apart from other elementary schools within the district.

"Aurora has the library with the clouds and the sky (motif) and Freedom has the tree theme, and it was really fun at the open house to hear the kids talk about that," Rokke said, "so we have a few ideas about what that third library can entail. We're looking forward to working with the school district on this next school."

The board hopes to have the new elementary school completed in time for the 2014-2015 school year.