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Eastwood hosts Otterness Meet

Casey Reber of Berger Elementary (left) and Zayne Brunette of Westside sprint to the finish line in the fifth grade boys race.

Eastwood Elementary was the site for 2nd Annual Gary Otterness Cross Country Meet on Sept. 26. This year saw 123 students in grades 4-6 compete in the 6/10 of mile race. The "Gary Otterness" meet was designed to encourage physical fitness and introduce kids to the sport of cross country. The meet is hosted by the WFPS Elementary physical education teachers and made possible with help from the West Fargo High, Sheyenne Ninth Grade Center and Cheney/STEM Middle Schools' cross country teams.

4th Grade Girls

1. Paige Erbstosser- Westside

2. Abby Triplett- Freedom

3. Alexys Burke- Eastwood

4. Payton Moen- LE Berger

5. Megan Olson- Horace

6. Taylor Lee- South

7. Sophia Burgard- LE Berger

8. Regan Diemer- LE Berger

9. Morgan Haugen- Horace

10. Hannah Balsom- LE Berger

4th Grade Boys

1. Lance Oster- Freedom

2. Kade Peterson- South

3. Evan Myran- Westside

4. Kole Fitzpatrick- Aurora

5. Jaxson McQuillan- Freedom

6. Jayden Strand- South

7. KJ Franklin- LE Berger

8. Jacob Schatz- South

9. Michael Toy- Freedom

10. Lucas Belinskey- South

5th Grade Girls

1. Lilja Jurva- LE Berger

2. Avery Manson- Freedom

3. Hannah Klein- South

4.Taryn Troftgruven- South

5. Paige Johnson- Aurora

6. Kayley Schaeffer- Westside

7. Megan Judge- Eastwood

8. Kaitlyn Boehme- Aurora

9. Abigail McGuire- Eastwood

10. Mia Poitra- LE Berger

5th Grade Boys

1. Casey Reber- LE Berger

2. Zayne Brunette- Westside

3. Mason Hoff- Westside

4. Carter Witt- South

5. Alex Sauter- South

6. Dakota Paulson- South

7. Lucas Sandvik- LE Berger

8. Ben Sikorski- Eastwood

9. Blake Haugen- Westside

10. Ben Zerr- Sout

6th Grade Boys

1. Abdinaeir Mohamed- CMS

2. Matthew Peightaz- CMS

3. Braxton Bruer- CMS

4. Corode Nsengiyumva- CMS

5. Faustin Ndikumenayo-CMS

6. Camden Baer- CMS

7. Logan Belinsky- CMS

8. Joram Stith- STEM

9. David Froeber- CMS

10. Keaton Amb- CMS

6th Grade Girls

1. Megan McCarthy- CMS

2. Jayden Heilkemann- STEM

3. Shelby Webber- STEM

4. Alexis Hoffner- CMS

5. Kiley Washneski- CMS

6. Julia Tennihill- CMS

7. Callyn Johnson- CMS

8. Joselin Forness- STEM

9. Sofie Lepird- STEM

10. Jordan Ridley- CMS