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Klug awarded Hockey Dreams Scholarship

Former Packer goalie Andrea Klug was one of three athletes attending a Minnesota school to receive the Hockey Dreams Foundation scholarship. Logan Werlinger / Forum News Service

Fans of Packer girls' hockey won't have to travel too far to see star goalie Andrea Klug play at the collegiate level.

And now, thanks to the Hockey Dreams Foundation, it will not cost her as much to do so.

Klug, who graduated from West Fargo High School last month and will attend Concordia College in the fall, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the foundation.

She is one of just three players going to a Minnesota school to receive the award.

"A lot of people applied, so being picked really made me feel like all of my work has paid off in some way," Klug said. "It was definitely good news."

Klug, the daughter of Dan and Connie Klug, was also a setter on the Packers' volleyball team throughout her high school tenure, but considers her time on the ice - more specifically, in the crease - her favorite.

"When I was younger, I told my mom I wanted to try being a goalie - for no reason, really - and I ended up really liking it," Klug said. "It's such a mental game, and I like that about it. I don't know why, because it can get pretty stressful, but there is just something about it that is so fun to me."

"She has been our last line of defense for the past five years," Packers head coach Pat Johnson said. She really grew into that role and became a constant for the team. I know the girls could rely on her to play well."

Klug has been padding up for the varsity team since she was an eighth grader, and is happy with the way her lengthy high school career came to a close.

"Losing at state wasn't very good, but I had a great career, and being with that group of girls for so long made it fun," Klug said. "Going undefeated most of the year was definitely a high point. It was nice to end on a fairly good note for my senior year."

For Johnson, Klug's tenacity and willingness to work hard are what appealed to him and his coaching staff, and most likely appealed to scouts as well.

"She always wanted to be in net," Johnson said. "She went into every single game ready to play."

This fall, she will join the Cobbers, and is eager to join new teammates - many of whom have been her rivals in the past - to play the game at the next level in the upcoming season

"I am really looking forward to playing with a lot of the girls I've played against the past few years. It's also exciting to take that next step against stronger competition. I can't wait for those intense games with a lot of hard shots."

While playing against stronger competition, Klug does not plan to simply be a name on the roster.

"I hope to make the starting spot. That's my first goal," Klug said. "I don't just want to be someone on the team. I want to keep improving and try to make a name for myself there. Hopefully, if I have some fans, they will see that in the years to come."

"I know she will work hard, and I'm hoping she will get that chance to step up," Johnson said. "I think she will do well. She just needs the opportunity."

Whatever amount of success she attains at the collegiate level, she feels she owes it to the coaches that helped her and the classmates and community that watched her grow.

"I really liked the environment I was in as a Packer. There is a lot of support. Our class is great about coming to games and cheering everyone on."

The primary obligation of a Hockey Dreams Foundation scholarship is a commitment to teamwork, playing hockey at the highest level, and academic prowess. Scholarship winners are expected to exert themselves to achieve the greatest possible level of athletic and academic success.