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Jonas resigns from coaching duties

Jim Jonas. David Samson / Forum News Service

Longtime West Fargo coach Jim Jonas has resigned from his role of assistant coach for football and basketball. The fiery coach has been on Packer sidelines for the past 23 years.

District officials were unable to comment on this personnel matter, but reports indicate that Jonas was issued a letter stating that he would be given the opportunity to resign or else it “will be documented” that he was terminated from the coaching positions. As of Monday, reports indicate that he had not yet handed in his resignation.

For now, Jonas remains a social studies teacher and track and field coach at West Fargo High School. His wife, Denise, is the principal at the recently opened Liberty Middle School.

Upon the announcement of his resignation, a groundswell of support for Jonas has risen. A “Justice for Jonas” group was created on Facebook by Katie Scully, a 2005 West Fargo graduate and daughter of assistant football coach Tim Scully. In less than six days, the group had over 3,600 members.

“I knew there would be a tremendous amount of support,” Scully said. “He has been around West Fargo as long as I can remember, and he knows everyone in that school. Jonas is Jonas, but I cannot understand at all why this would happen. I was in complete shock when I heard.”

A #FreeJonas campaign has also risen on Twitter, and a petition on for his reinstatement at both coaching positions, which supporters intend to present to the West Fargo School Board during Monday’s meeting, reached 1,000 signatures yesterday morning.

“He has impacted so many people,” Scully said. “If he were to go through the page and read some of the entries, I think he would be completely overwhelmed by the amount of support he has.”