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Schock ends Packer tenure with career-best season

Packer basketball player Travis Schock stands in the West Fargo High School on Monday. Michael Vosburg

The boys basketball season recently came to an end, and with it an impressive 16-week performance — along with the high school career — of Packer forward Travis Schock.

The 6-foot-2-inch senior finished the season with 463 points — the fourth-highest season total in Packer history —and an average of 21 points per game, almost 10 points per game higher than his average last season and 13 points higher than his his first varsity season as a sophomore.

“Travis is one of those rare guys in Class A basketball that got to play a lot for three years,” head coach Greg Limke said. “That hasn’t happened a lot here in West Fargo. That speaks to his basketball ability. What we liked about him this year was his maturity level on the court. He responded to the challenges of being a senior.”

Schock, the son of Jaysen and Laura Schock, admits he was surprised when he was called to play several minutes of varsity ball as a sophomore.

“I really didn’t expect that,” Schock said. I started playing in one game, and I guess I did alright because they just kept on playing me.”

He started to play as a sophomore due to his athletic ability, but continued to develop his game throughout the years.

“He certainly has improved his game skill wise. He has become a much better shooter. There is a variety of things he can do, but I think the best part of his game is his pull-up jumper. He can get in the lane and rise above people.”

While he has learned to develop his scoring prowess over the years, he learned a different, more important part of his game this season, according to his coach.

“He was willing to play team basketball,” Limke said. “Even though he had some really good individual numbers, his focus was on the team. Sometimes it meant he had to take a lot of shots, sometimes it meant he had to be a great defender and sometimes it meant he had to rebound the ball, but I think the big improvement of his was doing what the team needed to do.”

One other thing Schock learned this season was how to lead a team, having much more experience than any other player on the team.

“He had to be the leader,” Limke said. “It’s a work in progress, and he kept working on it. We saw great improvement throughout the season, and that is not an easy thing to do. He was asked to do a lot more this year, and he was able to complete those tasks.”

It wasn’t just a role he adapted to. He also enjoyed it.

“I liked having that pressure on me, and having to get everyone involved,” Schock said. “It was a big role to fill, and I definitely tried my best.”

WIth his high school career behind him now, Schock plans to pursue a career in either computer science or business, but has not decided if he would like to play basketball at the next level. His coach, on the other hand, believes he would have no trouble finding success on a college court.

“I definitely think he can play college basketball. His best days are still coming. He is so athletic, and just now learning to tap into that ability. I’m excited to see what he’ll do outside of West Fargo High School.”

Whatever he decides to do, Schock intends to utilize the lessons he learned as Packer, and remember the times he had on the team.

“Going to practice and being with my friends was always fun,” Schock said. “This is where I learned to work as a team, and I think I’ve learned better than most people.”