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Editor's note: A little clarity goes a long way

After receiving feedback from concerned readers (two boys track members, in particular, who wrote exceptionally heart-felt and civil e-mails) I decided an explanation is in order as to why the West Fargo Pioneer and News had a couple weeks of rather lackluster sports coverage.

(Running a column like this ahead of time may have stemmed the tide of disappointment, but as they say, hindsight is 20-20).

Space in our weekly publication - as with newspapers in general - always is at a premium. What we witnessed during the last few weeks was a perfect storm of sports and politics: the oncoming June 8 election and the height of end-of-the-season prep tournaments.

The result was an onslaught of political ads, special sections and candidate coverage, leaving little room in our sports section.

Not good.

As the Sports Editor, I was faced with a tough decision: how do I best cover all sports given the constraints? Though I did write a "Ty's Take" for our May 26 edition that wrapped up a week's worth of Packers athletic news - albeit compactly - our June 2 edition had even less space. I instead opted to run scoreboard results, my mindset being that I couldn't possibly do justice in a story about one sport in the space provided, not to mention all of the week's sports combined.

Scores were better than nothing, but that won't be the end of it. For Pete's sake, this is the culmination of a season, and for some seniors, the end of an era! They need their time to shine, as do all athletes and teams.

My plan was, and still is, to run season wrap-up stories on each West Fargo spring sport: softball, baseball, girls soccer, girls tennis, boys golf and track and field (not necessarily in that order). Though they may not come out in as timely a manner as sports fans would hope, they should give each team its much-deserved coverage.

The coverage during the next few weeks should help curb appetites - at least for a little while.