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Four Packers shine for East in Shrine Bowl

Jon Pistorius, Zach Neer, Alex Fontaine, and Tyler Kennedy represented West Fargo during the recent Shrine Bowl in Grand Forks. Submitted Photo.

Four football players representing West Fargo took to the field during the recent 11-man Shrine Bowl in Grand Forks.

Jon Pistorius, Zach Neer, Alex Fontaine and Tyler Kennedy successfully helped the East shut out the West 34-0 on July 16. All four Packers played defense, but Pistorius and Neer also received on punt-kick returns.  

Neer, an All-State and All-Conference selection last year as a senior, was honored with the 11-man Shrine Bowl Hustle Award. Pistorius, Fontaine and Kennedy also were All-EDC and All-State selection last season.

Besides being a football game, the Shrine Bowl served as a fundraiser for the Shrine Hospitals, its motto being: "Strong legs run, so weak legs can walk."

Jon Pistorius is the son of David and Glenda Pistorius, Zach Neer is the son of Alan and Lori Neer, Alex Fontaine is the son of Rod and Brenda Hartl, and Tyler Kennedy is the son of Ken and Laurie Kennedy.