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Winter weather keeps spring teams inside

The West Fargo baseball field. Daniel Determan / Pioneer1 / 3
Snow and cold temperatures have been preventing the Packers softball team from training outside. David Samson / Forum News Service2 / 3
Senior Mariah Stein and her teammates run through drills during tennis practice at the Sheyenne Ninth Grade Center. David Samson / Forum News Service3 / 3

Spring officially began almost a month ago. The spring sports season was supposed to start roughly two weeks ago.

Apparently, no one mentioned these things to Mother Nature, because she gave us another seven inches of snow this past weekend.

On the first day of practice in the spring of 2012, the temperature was in the 60’s, and every was on the field from the start.

A month into the 2013 season, the temperature is in the low 30’s and most teams have hardly thought of practicing outside, let alone playing an actual game.

“We are starting our fifth week of indoor practice,” baseball coach Brett Peterson said. “We haven’t been able to get outside one time all year. We are just working hard to stay focused and doing all we can so that when we finally do get outside, we will be ready to go as I think we will be playing a lot of games in a very short period of time.”

The majority of scheduled events for this week had been postponed or cancelled by Thursday of last week and the Packers’ home softball tournament scheduled for next weekend was cancelled 11 days before the scheduled date.

The only team that has not been completely prevented from competing is the Girls’ tennis team, which has had access to Courts Plus on University Drive in Fargo.

The main issue at hand is a lot of postponements in April lead to far too many games to play in May. This may lead to more fatigued athletes come playoff time, and the baseball and softball teams may need twice as many pitchers as originally intended.

It is safe to say the best thing for Packer athletes is the season to begin as soon as possible.