MEDORA, N.D.-A recycled hotel consisting of 18 buildings with 364 rooms called The Elkhorn Quarters is the newest construction project in Medora.

Sponsored by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, the Elkhorn Quarters will replace the Bunkhouse Motel on the southside of Medora.

The Elkhorn Quarters consists 201 employee rooms and 163 guest rooms.

"If the weather continues to cooperate, we feel we're on schedule," said Randy Hatzenbuhler, Foundation president. "We're hoping to move seasonal employees into some of the units by June 1. More importantly, the guest rooms will be the same prices as the Bunkhouse-we thought it was important that we provide a value option for people."

Twenty-four units have been converted for families. By taking out a wall, one side features a queen bed, and the other side has two bunk beds and a single, he said.

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Instead of building a new facility for $20 million, the Foundation was able to acquire and remodel the facility for $6 million, said Justin Fisk, marketing and communications director for Medora..

"Teddy Roosevelt would be proud because we are recycling a workforce housing facility and turning it into unique tiny house-style lodging for guests and staff. The modular construction is set on concrete foundations with much better things like sound-proofing. It's like a new building except its prefab and fits together like a puzzle set to go into the next quarter century."

The Elkhorn Quarters completes the Life Skills campus that started with construction of volunteer housing-the Spirit of Work Lodge. The campus is the employees' gathering place for dining, socializing, spiritual life, fitness and sales training. It also has administrative offices.

The Elkhorn Quarters is the finishing touch on what is a win-win with student seasonal housing, a life skills center and affordable lodging for families, Fisk said.