FARGO-Click Content Studios, a division of Forum Communications, and Emerging Prairie have announced a partnership in an effort to support local and regional entrepreneurs, endorse collaboration and fuel economic growth and development.

As part of that partnership, Emerging Prairie and Click Content Studios will begin live broadcasting 1 Million Cups events throughout the coming year. 1 Million Cups is a national program designed to educate, engage and connect entrepreneurs. Fargo's 1 Million Cups event takes place at 9:15 a.m. on Wednesdays, except in August and December, at the Stage at Island Park.

"We have a long history of promoting and assisting local businesses and start-ups in our area. It just makes sense for us to use our film production and distribution channels to assist Emerging Prairie reach and engage with a wider audience," said Jim Manney, Click Content Studios managing director. "This is a great opportunity for both of us."

Click Content Studios is a video production and content creation studio launched last year under the Forum Communications Co. business umbrella. Live streams of 1 Million Cups will be available on Forum Communications websites throughout North Dakota, including InForum.com in Fargo.

"With an ever-increasing need to reach a larger audience and expand the flow of information available to business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, this partnership will achieve multiple goals for 1 Million Cups, Emerging Prairie and Click Content Studios," said Greg Tehven, Emerging Prairie executive director and co-founder.

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Look for more information about speakers and for upcoming live stream dates at: www.emergingprairie.com/one-million-cups-fargo/.