FARGO - Founders of a new women's group in Fargo-Moorhead ask hopeful new members just one question: "Are you a LadyBoss?"

Danyel Moe, co-founder of LadyBosses of Fargo-Moorhead, said women's replies have ranged from "Hell yeah!" to "I'm not quite sure, but I want to be."

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The truth is that there is no wrong answer, according to co-founder Laura Caroon.

"It's sort of like if you're asked if you're an artist. All you have to do to be an artist is say you're an artist. All you have to do is say you're a LadyBoss and you're a LadyBoss," she said.

Moe and Caroon did, however, compose a more formal description for the group when they debuted it earlier this year: "A LadyBoss is an empowered woman confident in her abilities and instinct, boldly leading with heart and integrity."

The idea behind forming LadyBosses of Fargo-Moorhead was simply to provide a safe space for women to build connections with other women.

In addition to a LadyBoss Facebook group where members interact on a daily basis, Moe and Caroon regularly organize events such as group art classes and yoga.

On Thursday, June 7, they'll host their first LadyBoss Summit at Wild Terra Cider and Brewing in Fargo. The event, which sold out quickly, will feature a lineup of speakers such as Betty Gronneberg, founder of uCodeGirl, a technology camp for girls held each summer at North Dakota State University.

Some of the proceeds from the summit will be used to sponsor a scholarship for Cheney Middle School student Mackenzie HerShey to attend uCodeGirl this summer. Organizers also plan to crowdfund for a second scholarship at the event.

When they secured Wild Terra for the summit, the LadyBoss group had around 100 members. They felt optimistic booking a venue that would seat around 60. However, their numbers have quickly grown to over 900, and demand has been high for the event.

Moe said women who didn't secure tickets can be assured that additional events are on the horizon.

"As long as people are excited about it, we'll keep doing what we can to create events and opportunities for women to connect," Caroon added.

When they can, Moe and Caroon said they plan to host functions at female-owned businesses, whether it's an art class at the Make Room or book club meetings at a local coffee shop.

Moe has another plan to benefit women-owned businesses. It's called a "cash mob."

"Basically we pick one woman's business, for one whole day, and you're just supposed to go and spend money there. It's basically a flash mob, but instead a 'cash mob,'" Moe said.

"It's a way to create awareness for our small businesses," Caroon added.

The purpose of LadyBosses is to support all women, regardless of age, occupation or political affiliation.

"We do want to be open politically regardless of what side you fall on. I think that does help with open dialogue and really important conversations we need to have. We don't want to pick one side or the other," Moe said.

"It's a safe space for women to talk about anything that they're going through at work or with family. It's about creating those open connections between each other," Caroon said.

For more information about LadyBosses of Fargo-Moorhead, search "LadyBossFM" on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.