FARGO-Once the front door is unlocked what is left to keep a store safe?

"Shoplifting has a really big impact to small businesses especially," said Laura Morris, owner of Others.

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Teresa O'Day, owner of Proper, uses security cameras to protect her small business.

Especially Sunday when she caught two young ladies shoplifting in her store.

The shoplifters came in, took a couple pairs of jeans and some shirts.

The funny thing is they could've seen themselves on camera the whole time.

"The girls were shoplifting at multiple places downtown and that just made me upset," said O'Day.

And, that's the reason O'Day was ready to watch for the thieves.

Store owners in downtown Fargo use social media to tip each other off about potential shoplifters and other threats.

"If there's a shoplifter in the area we share it, we have a private Facebook group for that and share the footage or stills from the cameras," said O'Day.

A secret web of communication that these ladies put to good use.

"We don't have a ton of shoplifting, but when it does happen we find it," said O'Day.

This group has done more for the owners than just protect their precious products.

It has created a bond between them.

"We meet up every month there's a retail meeting. Really we've just become good friends," added Morris.

And this group of store protectors turned pals says they believe they're doing a pretty good job keeping these criminals accountable.

As for the two girls that shoplifted from Teresa's store, Fargo police say they are working on it.