FARGO - There has been an emergence of different local breweries and microbreweries throughout the Fargo area in the last decade, giving beer drinkers plenty of options.

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Breweries tend to have a different feel than a standard bar. With a more local, homey feeling and a variety of new beers, breweries also tend to be more family-friendly for children and pets.

While every business that primarily sells alcohol has the right to allow or not allow minors, North Dakota law sets some limitations.

According to the North Dakota Century Code 5-02-06, there are the minimum requirements to allow a minor in the establishment selling alcohol:

  • The individual is accompanied by a parent or guardian who is twenty-one years of age or older. For purposes of this section, "guardian" means an individual who has the legal responsibility for the health and well-being of the individual under twenty-one years of age.
  • The individual is on the premises to consume a meal or in an emergency situation.
  • The premises serves at a tabletop and food is prepared in a kitchen with at least an indoor grill.
  • The individual is not on the licensed premises after 10 p.m.
  • The owner of the licensed premises receives permission of the local licensing authority for individuals to be on the premises as allowed under this section and the licensed premises is located in a city with a population of one thousand five hundred or fewer people, or the licensed premises is not located in a city.

So how pet-friendly and child-friendly are Fargo's breweries? It's a fairly balanced mix for the breweries featured in this article.

Breweries that allow pets have patio areas where customers can bring them. The breweries that don't allow pets often cited health inspections as the key factor.

All breweries that allow minors expect adults to be accompanying them at all times.

Whether you hope to bring a family for a nice Saturday trip to the brewery or hope to meet your friends for a couple of pints with your pets, Fargo has plenty of options.