FARGO - Customers of Gate City Bank may have noticed the teller lines moving a bit faster in recent weeks. The speedy service is thanks to new SecureID Palm Authentication technology the bank is in the midst of rolling out at its branches.

But that's just one benefit. Perhaps more importantly, the new palm scanners also provide customers with enhanced account security and privacy.

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What is it?

Gate City's new SecureID technology scans and stores each account holder's palm print.

"In your palm, there are millions of reference points that create a pattern unique to every individual," said Jennifer Dirk, vice president of deposit and card servicing.

The unique palm vein pattern is used to identify account holders at the teller window, eliminating the need to present a photo ID.

Not only is it convenient for customers, Dirk said SecureID is also popular with bank employees. Once customers scan their palm, their account information automatically pops up on the teller's screen. Tellers no longer have to search the system for that information.

Palm vein authentication is "fast, highly accurate and secure, with many safeguards built in to protect your privacy and give each member a single record that is impossible to forge," according to the Gate City Bank website.

Dirk pointed out it's also impossible to steal a palm print.

Interested account holders can enroll in less than five minutes.

Amy Durbin, Gate City's vice president of marketing and business intelligence, said the technology will soon be available at all branches. She believes Gate City Bank is the first in North Dakota to offer this technology.

Enrollment is not required, but Dirk said the technology has been well-received by customers thus far.

"It's been a really positive response," Dirk said. "Customers are excited about it and staff are just really on board because it makes things quicker and easier for them. It's been a positive rollout so far for us."

Investing in brick-and-mortar

While many consumers do more of their banking online today, Durbin said foot traffic at Gate City Bank branches remains strong. That's why the bank made the decision to invest in this new technology.

"People are doing more online banking. That's true," Dirk said. "But people are still coming into our offices and we have the need to serve them."