As cars cut through snow-covered streets, drivers are starting to become more aware of what tires they need to power through the slush.

The need for new tires, along with the weather, is keeping mechanics across the area busy.

"It seems to be a reminder to everyone that, all of a sudden, it's time to get your tires checked or your tires replaced," said Chris Schmidt, the owner of Auto Doctors, LLC, 405 Christianson Drive W in West Fargo.

Schmidt said in his time as a car shop owner, he's seen as many tires as the mechanics he employs.

He said the biggest thing to consider when picking out new tires for winter is to look at the grooves.

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"The depth in the tires gives the snow somewhere to go, so you're actually making contact with the roadway," Schmidt said.

Another thing Schmidt sees every year is people swapping all-season tires for snow tires, which perform slightly better in snow, but also wear down quicker.

With any tire, Schmidt said one that's about 50 percent worn down will give drivers 75 percent less traction on the roads.

"It can get expensive to swap back and forth between snow tires and all-seasons if you do that - snow tires in the winter, all-seasons in the summer," he said.

In case you don't want to swap out tires, Schmidt suggested replacing the wheels if you can afford it, which makes the one set of tires on your car last a little longer.

"Then you only have to rotate them on and off instead of the mount and balance process over and over again, twice a year," he said.

Even though snow tires do the job a little better, Schmidt said you don't really need to retire the all-seasons, because either of the two will allow you to roll out in style this winter.