Crystal Nelson specializes in making workplace settings safe, and now she’s getting a new workplace of her own.

Nelson, a certified ergonomic assessment specialist and occupational therapist, will open Fargo Ergonomics Occupational Health Monday, Jan. 20, at 345 11th St. W., West Fargo.

“My goal is to prevent work-related injuries in all settings,” Nelson said, which includes industrial, manufacturing, health care and offices. “Ergonomic assessments and post-offer employment testing are two great methods to reduce the risk of an injury.”

Post-offer testing, in which physical assessments are given to prospective employees after a formal job offer has been made, help determine if the physical demands of the job can be done safely. The ergonomic assessments, which are much more rare in the area, aim to improve the fit between employee and workspace, helping to prevent musculoskeletal disorders due to unsafe body mechanics and repetitive motions.

Nelson, who has been an occupational therapist since 2008 and a certified assessment specialist since 2016, is the sole owner, but she has two employees — a physical therapist and another occupational therapist — as well as a dietitian who consults.

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“My clinic also has various rehabilitation options available to help people in our community, who are injured or are in pain, return to their regular routines,” Nelson said. “I have seen firsthand how an injury can affect someone's quality of life, and have treated many musculoskeletal disorders.”

Nelson said she’s always enjoyed helping and caring for people, and that’s why she loves what she does.

Why she’s doing it in West Fargo, she said, has to do with the community.

“The people, support, and positive feedback was incredibly encouraging,” she said. “Finding a location that wasn't too far from the interstate was also important to me, so people in the Fargo-Moorhead area could easily get to the clinic.”

Nelson started the company in 2016.


WHAT: Fargo Ergonomics Occupational Health

WHERE: 345 11th St. W., West Fargo

CONTACT: (701) 532-2222 or email