Stone Town Grill will soon be bringing tastes from around the world to West Fargo.

The walls are up for the restaurant at 705 32nd Ave. E., just southwest of the corner of 32nd Avenue and Veterans Boulevard.

Owners Marty and Jessica Larghe plan to open the 6,500-square-foot eatery by the end of August or early September. It is expected to seat about 180 people, with room for another 10 to 20 people on a small patio, they said Wednesday, June 3.

“Our original goal was to open in the middle of summer, but COVID-19 caused some delays,” Jessica said.

The eatery is based on building your own salad or grain or noodle bowl, adding ingredients from a selection of vegetables and proteins, and topping it with one of 12 sauces - crafted in house - representing four regions of the world.

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“So no matter what type of food you’re in the mood for, if you want to have Tex-Mex or Korean barbecue, there is a sauce there for you,” Jessica said.

Marty has decades of experience in the restaurant industry, recently finishing up a nearly 16-year stint with Pentex Restaurant Group, where he was vice president of operations for four HuHot Mongolian Grills in two states.

Jessica is creating the menu.

“I try and eat very clean and make most of our food from pretty cool ingredients,” she said.Together, they’ve compiled nearly 50 years of experience in the restaurant business, she said.

Stone Town Grill is an outgrowth of the couple’s love of travel and good food. After all, they've had their passports stamped in China, Eqypt, and South and Central America.

“Everywhere we went, all of the food was very simple. It could be a one-pot meal” with grain and local vegetables and protein, but flavorful because of the spices, she said.

Not long ago, they were touring Unguja island (Zanzibar), which is part of the United Republic of Tanzania. There they went through the old spice center of Stone Town.

That gave them a direction and a restaurant name.

“That’s where Marty got the idea of trying to create a menu that showcases the various spices from around the world,” Jessica said.