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Catherine Hjelle Joins Chrysalis Behavioral Health Services

Catherine Hjelle Joins Chrysalis Behavioral Health Services

Cathy Hjelle is licensed in North Dakota as a Licensed Independent Clinical Counselor and in Minnesota as Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Cathy has provided mental health services for twenty-five years with much of her professional career serving the Fargo-Moorhead area. As a practicing mental health clinician Cathy has provided therapy to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Mental health issues addressed in a therapeutic setting include the following: anxiety, depression, mood disorder, grief/loss issues, ADHD, trauma related issues, behavioral problems, and adjustment related issues. Work experience and training have provided specialized focuses in trauma, attachment disorders, and family therapy. Cathy has received specifictraining in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Assisting clients in achieving goals that oftenincludes more effective communication, better interpersonal relationships, and improved mental health takes place in a supportive setting frequently utilizingrational emotive behavioral therapy.

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