WEST FARGO-Sandy's Donuts & Coffee Shop had a good news, bad news announcement for its regulars late last week.

The popular bakery, 301 Main Ave. W. here that has a second location at 300 Broadway N. in downtown Fargo, announced on its Facebook page Jan. 25 that it plans to open a third store.

The bad news? The bakery will soon stop serving breakfast and lunch at both of its current locations to allow it to make more doughnuts.

Owner Mark Ostlund said Sandy's Donuts will keep serving meals through Friday, Feb. 9.

He said there's no information to share about plans for a third store. A location hasn't been finalized yet, he said, adding Sandy's might be "close" to a third place of business by the end of 2018.

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But the decision to discontinue breakfast and lunch is definite, he said.

According to Ostlund, Sandy's makes an average of about 13,000 doughnuts per night. Keeping up with that pace, not to mention gearing up production so a third store would be possible, will require more space - and ending meals will make more room for products and equipment.

"We need that space even now some nights," he said.

Ostlund said most employees will remain with Sandy's after the change, though some will take on different roles.

It was a "tough decision" to make, he said, but a necessary one. In addition to freeing up some space, Ostlund said the change will allow the bakery to be "laser-focused" on doughnuts.

Sandy's has also seen its delivery service and online ordering through its website grow, he said.

"We are hoping someone else steps up to the plate and opens up a restaurant that will fill any void we may have left by not serving breakfast and lunch," he said. "We know there is someone out there with a dream just waiting to happen. That is exactly how Sandy's started 34 years ago in an empty building that was once a bakery in West Fargo."