As of press time, the following senior activities including at-site senior meals, those at West Fargo Public Library and Rustad Recreation Center have been cancelled.

Takeout meals are still available at meal sites Monday through Friday but seniors are asked to call 701-356-2047 at least 24 hours in advance to order a meal.

Health Hints: 1. To prevent spread of the coronavirus, be sure not overlook the following areas when cleaning: light switches, door knobs, counters and door openers in bathrooms or kitchens, toothbrush containers, washing machines, dryers, laundry baskets, decorator baskets, TV remotes.

2. Wash hands frequently with soap and water for approximately 20 seconds (time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice or to say the Lord’s Prayer once).

3. Practice social distancing, which is to stay at least 6 feet away from others.