EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn. - After 30 years away from her family, an East Grand Forks woman is back in Guatemala.

In early June, the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala erupted.

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The eruption killed about 65 people, and temporarily grounded any flights heading into Guatemala.

Meanwhile, Dina Dementi was on the trip of a lifetime - headed to Guatemala City - nearly 3,000 miles away.

"I'm excited but also nervous. My mom is excited as well," Dina Dementi said.

Dementi went to meet her birth mother for the first time, she was adopted by American parents decades ago.

They recently connected through years of research and Facebook.

"I'm excited but I'm also sad because we just had a volcano happen,” said Dementi.

The Fuego Volcano's eruption sent plumes of ash across the region.

Cancelling flights and delaying the emotional reunion by a day.  

"Right now my nerves are really crazy crazy busy. I haven't been able to eat so I'm going to try to eat some food and water. I haven't slept since yesterday morning," said Dementi.

After a couple days and thousands of miles behind her, she makes it to her destination.

Her mother waiting, holding a sign that says Dina, in hand.

"Te amo mija."

30 years later, Dementi is finally reunited with her family.

Dementi plans to extend her trip to stay there in Guatemala for a full 15 days.

While she's there she plans to raise money to help people affected by the volcano's eruption.