AMOR, Minn. -  Bells, drums and chimes are just one small part of God's Acres' 30 acres of gardens, walking paths and playground equipment.

And it's all put together by 78-year-old Chuck Erickson.

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Erickson has been here since the idea of God's Acres first came to light back in 2012.

For the past six years this volunteer has slowly added playground equipment.

From the old play tractor, to the swings, everything is either donated by community members or hand-made by Erickson.

Despite the years of hard-labor he says it was worth it to get people to play.

"I enjoy seeing people have fun and it's fun working up here and seeing families come and the kids are running all over," said Erickson.

And Erickson isn't alone in his quest for family fun.

Nearly a hundred other volunteers from the local church, the town, and neighboring areas help weed, mow, and come up with new ideas for the acre, like a meditation labyrinth.

It's one of volunteer Marlys Baumann's favorite additions. She's hoping it'll make other communities think about doing their own town project.

"I think this gives them an opportunity to see how a group of volunteers and caring people can really get together and develop something. They just have to have a dream," said Baumann.