Brothers Cody and Kyle Shoman have been hunting with their grandfather, John Kautzman, all of their lives, and that experience paid off on Wednesday, Aug. 21, when both of them shot a rocky mountain bighorn sheep on a hunting trip to British Columbia.

“To get a double on rams like this is not something that happens every day, let alone two nice rams like we were fortunate to take,” Cody said. “We will be forever grateful to have had this opportunity together.”

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Cody, 27, and Kyle, 22, had been away from home for five days before bagging the two sheep on Wednesday morning.

According to Cody, the two rams were nearly identical, having the same horn lengths and bases.The two were so similar that they too could have been brothers.

“Our dream we had joked about had come true,” Cody said. “We had a bit of a drag, but it was well worth it.”