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Fargo men’s clothing store Halberstadt’s, ‘Lip Sync Challenge’ prove to be a perfect fit

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FARGO—It is often said that sequels are never as good as the original. A Fargo men’s clothing store may have just squashed that theory.

Halberstadt’s, which touts itself as North Dakota’s premier menswear destination, took the #LipSyncChallenge beyond the local police precincts and into the streets of downtown Fargo Tuesday, July 24, reenacting the 1978 Bee Gees hit “Night Fever.”

You could say the song suited them quite well.

The Halberstadt’s take on the original Night Fever video is a near replica, but features sights and scenes of an eclectic downtown Fargo instead of the bright lights of the old Las Vegas strip, as shown in the Bee Gees version. 

“The song really allowed us to showcase the vibrant nightlife of downtown Fargo, so it felt like an awesome choice,” said Travis Beauchene, creative director for Halberstadt’s ND. “We loved the imagery of our guys dressed up in flashy suits and wigs and having a great time downtown.”

Beauchene, who says the Halberstadt’s brand philosophy pushes creative marketing, drew inspiration for the video from the West Fargo and Fargo Police Department’s.

“We have been extremely happy with the engagement that the video has created,” Beauchene said.

As of Tuesday morning, July 31, Halberstadt’s #LipSyncChallenge video has been viewed more than 13,000 times on their Facebook page. On Tuesday, Beauchene says that they will be premiering their second #LipSyncChallenge video featuring employees from their Bismarck, N.D. location.

You can watch the Halberstadt’s #LipSyncChallenge video in the scroll above.

Ross Torgerson

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