West Fargo — Twelve-year-old Landon Solberg has been fighting for his life since last January, when the doctors told him he had about one to two years left to live.

"Unfortunately we're kind of reaching the end of that two year diagnosis mark," said Landon's mom, Andrea Solberg. The family just started going to Hospice last week. "It's a parent's worst nightmare, to see cancer ripping the body down of what your child once was. It seems unbearable to live life without him."

Landon's best friends and co-presidents of Landon's Light wanted to cheer him up, and what better way to do that than with a shout-out from his favorite singer, Taylor Swift herself.

The children created a video Aug. 20 telling Landon's story and asking the singer for a tweet, an autograph, anything.

"A lot of us parents said wow that was a lot of fun to make that video and it was sure a great memory, but most likely we're not going to hear from her," said Andrea.

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Little did she know that Taylor and 20,000 other people saw their video. 10 days later, a call from the pop star herself.

"She said really nice things about Landon, and how it was so sweet that he listened to her music to get him through the radiation and the tough times he's been through," said Parker Rolfson, who helped make the video.

Andrea said when Taylor face-timed Landon, she could tell it was genuine and, "She knew the details of the video. You could tell that she didn't just watch it once, she knew their names, she knew the music that had been played."

All his friends wanted was to see their best friend happy, and they definitely got their wish.

"It touched me to see Landon have such a big smile on his face that I haven't seen in a long time. His smile made me smile," said Rolfson.

Throughout all the things Landon has been through, his dad, Travis Solberg, said he's come to terms with what's to come.

"He stayed so positive and so accepting, and I think, just has lived his life without that hindering what he's doing," he said.

During this difficult time, Landon knows he's got a group of people that will stay by his side till the end.

"You need these moments in life with your best friend," said Rolfson.

Taylor Swift's PR manager has asked the family not to share any footage of her face or her voice.