Cody Christie was watching TV when he got some unexpected good news.

The West Fargo High School Teacher was told he’d been on the web series, “Some Good News.”

Christie, who teaches a college readiness course, had created “SGN West Fargo High School,” a Packers take on actor John Krasinski’s popular YouTube show. For eight weeks “Some Good News” has highlighted uplifting stories from around the world in light of the coronavirus outbreak and included a virtual prom, high school graduation and wedding featuring Krasinski’s celebrity friends.

Noting that daily announcements weren’t available during distance learning, Christie wanted to share some positive developments among student Packers, so he created SGN West Fargo High School.

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“I wanted to share news of student scholarships and academic awards,” he said Monday afternoon after he finished teaching.

He had tagged the original “Some Good News” show and Krasinski in his posts, hoping his work would catch the actor’s attention. It worked.

The most recent episode of “Some Good News”, which was posted on YouTube Sunday night, is a nod to the community Krasinski had developed over the past eight weeks, showing clips of fans’ versions of “SGN” from around the world.

Christie was watching “The Last Dance” when his wife got a text of a screen grab showing Christie on the show. In fact, Christie had three clips in the compilation. One of his own takes on the spinning globe that opens the show, another of him introducing the “West Fargo High School edition,” and as the last bit in the segment, saying, “Let’s share some good news.”

“It was pretty cool that my shot closed that clip,” Christie said.

It’s also been cool with friends, family and especially students, who have been telling him they saw it, giving him cool teacher cred, or at least his 15 minutes of fame.

Actor John Krasinski in his web series, "Some Good News." Special to The Forum
Actor John Krasinski in his web series, "Some Good News." Special to The Forum

Still, he says the real reward was the uplifting message of the show. Christie was already a fan of Krasinski and his work on the NBC hit show “The Office,” but he says “Some Good News” was more than just entertaining, it was uplifting.

“They really hit on a lot of what I was looking for during this coronavirus period. A lot of students can get down, especially now more than ever,” Christie said. “The end of the school year has been really tough for students and teachers because we have built up this relationship for years.”

He thanked Krasinski and the show in the credits for each SGN West Fargo High School. Christie made three episodes, each highlighting some student accomplishments. He hopes to do another before graduation at the end of the month.

In the most recent episode, the last for now, Krasinski gets emotional thanking viewers for sharing their inspirational stories.

Though he didn’t get any notification that his clips would be in Krasinski’s show, Christie knows what he would say to the actor if they had the chance to speak.

“I would just thank him and tell him that his idea helped us at the end of the year,” the teacher said.