In late May of 1989 almost 100 residents attend the West Fargo school board meeting discussing the fate of the Berger Pool. The city of West Fargo had phased out its financial support for the pool. There was talk of turning the pool over to the YMCA and rent time for school. A committee was formed to see how the pool could remain under the jurisdiction of the school district. One of the members of the committee was Activities Director Don Hulbert.

As the school year drew to a close in 1999, the West Fargo Packer girls’ softball team was elated to have won their second consecutive state championship. Not even the most optimistic team members or diehard fans considered the prospect of 20 consecutive championships. With loss in the 2018 championship game Packers came in second and Sheyenne came in third. As Pat Johnson, coach for all 20 years said, “It’s one game. We can start building for next year, and that starts tomorrow.”

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