A Fargo-based business plans to build a new headquarters where a former West Fargo farmstead used to be, just south of Interstate 94.

Enclave Development, a development and construction company responsible for many Fargo-Moorhead area luxury apartment complexes, as well as the new Gunderson's Jewelry building in West Fargo, plans to build a new 60,000-square-foot facility at 310 24th Ave. E., just south of Costco.

The West Fargo City Commission recently approved a five-year tax incentive for Enclave, which plans to develop the $360,000 piece of land into a $9.6 million property.

"So eventually it will be $9 million and change of taxable value," said Callie Roth, economic development specialist at the city commission's recent meeting.

The new facility will house 105 Enclave employees and have space for a second, undisclosed tenant, which will employee about 150.

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"We’re currently Fargo-based, but this location has an opportunity to be precedent-setting for West Fargo; it's the last development along the I-94 corridor," said Austin Morris, co-founder of Enclave.

Morris said Enclave has about 32 acres of developable land at the property, which the design will incorporate so that the green space can be preserved and used by employees at the building.

"We carefully planned out the pedestrian connectivity, the orientation of the building to take advantage of I-94 visibility, while pushing it back away as far we could from the residential development, Rivers Bend," Morris told the city commission.

Morris said the design of the building will also pay homage to the former homestead at the location.

"We love the location and we’ve worked in West Fargo before with great results," Morris said.

Morris and Ben Meland founded Enclave in 2011 and in 2016, renovated a downtown Fargo location into its headquarters.

The commission unanimously approved a five-year tax incentive program for the development which will waive about $696,800 in taxes over five years.