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Ondine Bairds Attack on Kevin Cramer was Repulsive

Ive grown tired of people equating everyone they disagree with to the KKK, Hitler, or anyone who invokes evil in the human mind. In this world, disagreement is something you have to get used to, but Ondine Baird crossed the line, in disgusting fashion.

The Dem-NPLs national committee woman made a dreadful choice by comparing a good man to the KKK. When she compared Rep. Kevin Cramer to a clan member, that effectively put a man who cares so deeply about his fellow humans into a group of people that are known for having a history of lynching, bombings, rape, and many other atrocious acts..

When Ms. Baird did this, she practically watered down what the KKK stands for, and how truly evil they really are. I am bamboozled at the fact that someone who claims to care so deeply about minorities could continue to hurt us so much and make the people who wish to do harm to us seem watered down.

Kevin Cramer is a good man, and I really hope Ms. Baird will apologize for this depraved statement. If not, the Dem-NPL is complicit until she is removed.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.