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Fact Checks Reveal False Democrat Claims

The Democrats are back at it again attacking Representative Kevin Cramer with falsehoods. As election day quickly approaches, more and more attacks are coming out of the woodwork, including an FEC Complaint against his campaign. A recent Associated Press Fact Check, verified the Cramer campaign accurately and truthfully reported total miles traveled for campaign purposes in the first quarter. The AP analysis even mapped locations and contacted event organizers to confirm Kevins presence at these events. Another fact check by two major ND media outlets referenced as sources in another false democratic ad about Kevins record on social security and Medicare proved the claim was untrue. The Democrats constant hypocrisy is appalling and they need to be called out for it. Fact check after fact check, the claims from Semator Heitkamp's attack machine are revealed to be false. It is a shame the Democrats have had to resort to attacking Kevin just so they can make the news. It is clear that Heitkamp is trying to win this election by encouraging hatred for her opponents through a campaign built on hyperbole and disinformation. I understand that campaigns are tough and that attacks are fair-game, but when the attacks are fabricated the credibility of the claimant and her surrogates becomes severely compromised. Her strategy is not going to work because North Dakotans are smarter than that. I am proud to support Kevin Cramer because he runs his campaign with dignity and respect, a stark contrast from the disgusting and inaccurate attacks coming from the Democrats.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.