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Lisa McEvers for Supreme Court

Lisa McEvers is currently a North Dakota Supreme Court Justice and is running for a 10-year term in the November election. Justice McEvers has a broad base of legal experience, not only from private practice, but also as a district judge before being named by Governor Dalrymple to complete an unexpired term on the ND Supreme Court.

Justice McEvers also served as a Labor Commissioner, addressing the challenges encountered by members of the workforce as well as employers. The Labor Department is also charged with handling complaints about discrimination in housing. Her studied approach, calm demeanor, and open-minded attitude towards all parties made everyone feel that he or she was being heard. She faced simple and complex issues with a logical approach to problem solving. She also worked with the legislature to review and improve North Dakota statutes.

Justice McEvers has served since January 2014 on the ND Supreme Court, and she has proven herself to be a hard-working person who studies each case carefully and treats all parties fairly and with respect.

I strongly support Lisa McEvers and I will vote to continue her service on the ND Supreme Court. I encourage you to join me in assuring that her experienced voice will continue to be heard on the court.

Vote for Lisa McEvers for ND Supreme Court Justice!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.