FARGO — Talk about guilt trips.

The local Catholic Church is offering drive-in confessions to the families of Shanley High School and Sullivan Middle School students on Friday, April 24.

The sacrament will be available from 1-3 p.m. to students and families outside the activities entrance on the north side of the Shanley/Sullivan Campus, 5600 25th St. S., according to an email sent out to the school community by Father William Slattery, chaplain of Shanley/Sullivan Schools.

Instructions in the message include:

  • When it is your turn, pull up to the cones nearest to the activities entrance (where Fr. Slattery is seated).
  • If you are next in line, please wait behind the cones by the fire hydrant.
  • For families with multiple people in the vehicle, keep your vehicle parked at the cones near the fire hydrant and each passenger can walk to the area reserved for confessions (please practice social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet from Fr. Slattery).
  • When waiting in line, please do not exit vehicles to talk with others. This will help to preserve the integrity and secrecy of the sacrament and is in keeping with social distancing.

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WDAY-TV’s Kevin Wallevand plans to document the event on Friday for TV and inforum.com.