Since I spent several years making a living out of writing and asking trivia questions, I thought it would be fun to write a North Dakota-based quiz.

Send me an email if you enjoy it, and judging by the responses, I may do others in the future.

1. What North Dakota married couple had speaking roles in separate major motion pictures?

  • (a) William & Jean Guy
  • (b) Harold & Sheila Schafer
  • (c) Quentin & Jocelyn Burdick
  • (d) Bob & Marcie Lind

2. Dr. Henry Wheeler, from Grand Forks, helped foil a bank robbery by what notorious outlaw?

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  • (a) Sam Bass
  • (b) Jesse James
  • (c) John Dillinger
  • (d) Machine Gun Kelly

3. The son of which U.S. president served as an army officer at Fort Abraham Lincoln?

  • (a) James Polk
  • (b) Abraham Lincoln
  • (c) Benjamin Harrison
  • (d) Ulysses Grant

4. Which of these College Hall of Fame basketball coaches was born in North Dakota?

  • (a) Lute Olson
  • (b) Jud Heathcote
  • (c) Dale Brown
  • (d) all three

5. Prior to becoming editor of the Fargo Forum, James Rockwell introduced what mythological folk hero to much of America?

  • (a) John Henry
  • (b) Pecos Bill
  • (c) Casey Jones
  • (d) Paul Bunyan

6. Mary Sherman Morgan, from Ray, N.D., was America’s first female what?

  • (a) astronaut
  • (b) jet pilot
  • (c) rocket scientist
  • (d) president of a large computer company

7. The bullet that killed which famous person became lodged in the wrist of Bill Massie?

  • (a) Abraham Lincoln
  • (b) Wild Bill Hickok
  • (c) James Garfield
  • (d) John Dillinger

8. Headlines were made when Air Guard pilot George Gorman pursued what over Fargo?

  • (a) UFO
  • (b) Russian airplane
  • (c) his wingman who could not land because he was suffering severe chest pains
  • (d) a diseased flock of geese

9. What breakfast cereal was created and first produced in Grand Forks?

  • (a) Corn Flakes
  • (b) Shredded Wheat
  • (c) Cream of Wheat
  • (d) Oatmeal

10. It was once a law in North Dakota to sleep with what?

  • (a) the lights on
  • (b) your boots on
  • (c) a lit cigarette
  • (d) a buffalo hide blanket

11. What girl in literature was patterned after Magdalena Carpenter of Edgeley?

  • (a) Becky Thatcher in "Tom Sawyer"
  • (b) Meg March in "Little Women"
  • (c) Dorothy Gale in "The Wizard of Oz"
  • (d) Franny in "Franny and Zooey"

12. In Billings County, the Eaton brothers established the nation’s first what?

  • (a) private dinosaur dig site
  • (b) buffalo ranch
  • (c) farmwide sprinkler system
  • (d) dude ranch

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13. What famous actor began his U.S. acting career in Minot in 1914?

  • (a) Boris Karloff
  • (b) Cary Grant
  • (c) Tom Mix
  • (d) Maurice Chevalier

14. What was most surprising about Mrs. Nash, Libby Custer’s favorite laundress?

  • (a) she was blind
  • (b) she had only one arm
  • (c) she was Sitting Bull’s daughter
  • (d) she was a man

15. What Major League Baseball Hall of Fame member pitched for both Bismarck and Minot?

  • (a) Satchel Paige
  • (b) Greg Maddux
  • (c) Lefty Gomez
  • (d) Tom Seaver

16. In the span of 15 minutes in 1944, Scrappy Blumer, from Cass County, shot down how many German airplanes?

  • (a) 3
  • (b) 4
  • (c) 5
  • (d) 6

17. Who is the great-granddaughter of Sitting Bull enshrined in the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame?

  • (a) Lillian Klaudt
  • (b) Marie McLaughlin
  • (c) Josephine Gates Kelly
  • (d) Lily Fern Weatherford

18. Laura Eisenhuth was the first woman in the U.S. elected to an executive office. To what North Dakota office was she elected?

  • (a) lieutenant governor
  • (b) attorney general
  • (c) auditor
  • (d) superintendent of public instruction

19. Tom Amberry is noted by Guinness World Records with “2,750.” What does that number represent?

  • (a) miles in a single dog-sled trip
  • (b) consecutive free throws made
  • (c) laps in a standard swimming pool
  • (d) wins by a high school football coach

20. Both Lynn Anderson and Peggy Lee were born in North Dakota and have what named in their honor?

  • (a) moon craters
  • (b) fashion lines
  • (c) rose varieties
  • (d) race horses

21. Using an alias, the oldest brother of which gangster served as a prohibition agent on the Standing Rock Reservation in the 1920s?

  • (a) Al Capone
  • (b) Creepy Karpis
  • (c) Lucky Luciano
  • (d) Dutch Schultz

22. In the early 1960s, John Steeves, who was born in Brinsmade, was ambassador to which country?

  • (a) France
  • (b) Cuba
  • (c) Afghanistan
  • (d) Canada

23. Montie Montana rode his horse in every Rose Bowl Parade from 1932 to 1994. He was known as America’s foremost what?

  • (a) fighter pilot
  • (b) trick-rope artist
  • (c) banjo player
  • (d) rodeo clown

24. John Burke and Frank White were both governors of North Dakota. What federal agency or department did they also head?

  • (a) U.S. Treasury
  • (b) Department of Agriculture
  • (c) Department of Commerce
  • (d) FBI

25. Despite being deaf, this basketball player scored 3,930 points while in high school, averaging 41.5 points per game. Who was he?

  • (a) Marv Bachmeier
  • (b) Don Augustine
  • (c) Steve Blehm
  • (d) Paul Pederson

And now, the answers:

How'd you do? Here are the answers:

1-b; 2-b; 3-d; 4-d; 5-d; 6-c; 7-b; 8-a; 9-c; 10-b; 11-c; 12-d; 13-a; 14-d; 15-a; 16-c; 17-a; 18-d; 19-b; 20-c; 21-a; 22-c; 23-b; 24-a; and 25-c.

“Did You Know That” is written by Curt Eriksmoen and edited by Jan Eriksmoen of Fargo. Send your comments, corrections, or suggestions for columns to the Eriksmoens at

Curt Eriksmoen, Did You Know That? columnist
Curt Eriksmoen, Did You Know That? columnist