FARGO — North Dakotans and Minnesotans are some of the chillest people in America — and not just because of our wintry weather.

According to a new report, North Dakota ranks third and Minnesota fourth in a study of least-stressed states in the country.

Babylon Health analyzed more than 5 million tweets over a two-week period to find out where Americans were most likely to post to Twitter about stress, frustration and anxiety. Findings include data from every state and the 100 most populated cities in the country.

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Tweets were rated as stressed if the user complained about work, physical pain or the state of the nation.

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With only 8.32 percent of tweets classified as stressed, North Dakota is the third least stressed state in the U.S. Only Wyoming and Delaware ranked higher. Minnesota follows North Dakota with a rating of 8.49 percent of tweets considered stressed.

With as little as 2.56 percent of tweets classified as stressed, Minnesota's capital, St. Paul, is the most chill of the big cities, while neighboring Minneapolis comes in fifth.

The study also looked at when people in each state appeared to be the most stressed. For North Dakotans, it's Tuesday morning. For Minnesotans, it's Monday morning.

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Interestingly, South Dakota was rated as one of the most stressed states with 11.01 percent considered stressful — the seventh highest rate in the country. South Dakotans' most stressful time appears to be Sunday afternoon.