In the mid 70’s the Red River Valley Fair decided they needed to have a major entertainment to headline the Fair. In 1974 they brought in Pat Boone and the Boone Family. It was a choice that pleased the local fair goers with tickets selling out “well before the performance.” With the reaction to well-known talent, the next year’s lineup featured Loretta Lynn.

The July 14, 2004 Pioneer had a front page story about 14 year-old Alexa Kersting and her wait for a lung transplant. Alexa had experienced a series of problems with her lungs off and on since she had been born with a collapsed lung and was eventually diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease, a term for a number of lung disorders. Even though she was on oxygen 24 hours-a-day, Alexa had just completed eigth grade. The day after the paper came out, Alexa lost her battle with the disease.

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