The haze that we have been seeing all week is still lingering around.  And you're right... today's smoky skies are worse than previous days.  

We are under a high pressure system today, which would typically mean lots of sun for us in the region. But, since the wildfires in Canada are still occurring, we still have hazy skies. Why have we seen this all week? Upper level winds have been bringing the smoke from Canada down into our region. Today, it seems extra hazy. It almost looks foggy from all the smoke near the surface. Some say you can smell it today. Subsidence, or sinking of air, under the high pressure system is bringing the smoke from upper levels down to the surface.  Visibility around much of the region is still well under 5 miles.

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This hazy mess will likely stick around until Sunday.  Tomorrow, for Independence Day, the haze may still be an issue.  Some stronger surface winds may mix up the lower atmosphere and help to disperse the haze.  A frontal system (with a few thunderstorms) pushes through the region early Sunday morning and into the afternoon, causing the flow pattern to change.  We may still see some upper level smoke hanging around after Sunday's storms. 

People with respiratory problems may want to avoid or limit outdoor exposure.  

-Meteorologist Brianna Kump