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Marschall seeks District 16 seat

Andrew Marschall

Andrew Marschall, co-owner of Three Lyons Pub in West Fargo and United States Air Force veteran plans to seek the Republican nomination for the North Dakota House of Representatives in District 16.

Marschall is a 23-year veteran of the Air Force. He retired in 2005 after serving both domestically and in overseas locations including Afghanistan, Germany and Turkey.

He started his military service as a member of Fargo’s 119th Fighter Interceptor Squadron – the “Happy Hooligans” – and later entered active duty service.

Marschall is a graduate of Fargo North High School, and holds three technical degrees and a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Marschall says that with the downturn in the oil market “we need to eliminate onetime expenditures and hold the line on any budgetary increases to ensure a vital and dynamic economy.”

“We must continue to adapt to the educational needs of the market place. North Dakota must provide our students with an education that will allow them to continue to complete within the evolving market and I will work to help K-12 and higher ed make this happen,” Marschall said in a statement.

District 16 includes parts of Fargo and West Fargo.

Incumbents Rep. Ben Koppelman, R-West Fargo, Sen. Tyler Axness, D-Fargo, and Rep. Ben Hanson, D-West Fargo, are seeking re-election. 

Lisa K. Dullum, president of the West Fargo Education Association announced earlier this month that she will seek District 16’s Democratic-NPL endorsement.

This update adds Hanson to those seeking re-election in District 16.