In just a few weeks, West Fargoans will be able to sip on a cool, crisp glass of Fargo water.

The city is still on track to begin using mostly Fargo water by its planned date of June 1.

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Residents can expect to pay $7 per 1,000 gallons of water used after June 1, City Administrator Tina Fisk said.

West Fargo residents currently pay about $5 per 1,000 gallons of water. Fargo will be charging West Fargo $3.25 per 1,000 gallons of water.

Water customers can expect to see the change in billing by their July bill.

"We bill for June usage in July so we're looking at a July billing," Fisk said. "We don't want to bill for gallons [residents] haven't paid for yet."

Public Works Director Chris Brungardt said residents may see some orange water coming through pipes while the city is flushing its system, which will be done about one neighborhood at a time starting on May 23.

The discolored water is safe to drink and for bathing. To remove the discolored water from pipes, simply run cold water in your bathtub until the water runs clear.

Crews will start on the south side by the 40th Avenue water tower and work their way north through about 17 flushing areas so that by June 15, all of the city will be using Fargo water.

"We'll flush all the systems as we go north," Brungardt said.

Homeowners can check the city's interactive website to follow the progress, but Brungardt said residents should also sign up for the CodeRED system, which will send updates to specific neighborhoods.

Brungardt said the construction process has been going smoothly with the exception of finding more than 71 water valves that needed replacing. Each valve costs about $3,500 per valve.

"Luckily, the majority of pipes in older areas of town have held up well," Brungardt said.

The city also has a solution available for residents than help take discoloration out of clothing, although Brungardt said it would be best to avoid washing clothings while the neighborhood pipes are flushed. The solution can be picked up at the Public Works building at 810 12th Ave. NW, West Fargo.

"I think we'll be expanding our business hours to help," Brungardt said. The plan is to

Brungardt said

The city will have an interactive map on its webpage to let people know and CodeRed will be used.

"We're encouraging people to sign up for CodeRED for this reason," Fisk said.

Brungardt said he has ran into a few problems getting prepared for the new system, he has had to replace 71 valves at $3,500 a piece and they are not done yet. Water System Reserves funds will be used to cover the additional $250,000 in maintenance costs that the city has incurred.

To sign up for CodeRED, go to the City of West Fargo's webpage,, and

click on Sign-up for CodeRED. When signing up for alerts, be sure to check the "General Notifications" box to ensure that you will receive the city's utility messages in addition to emergency notifications.

The city decided in 2015 to begin purchasing water from the city of Fargo because it is the most economical option for providing water to its growing population which is

currently estimated at more than 30,000 people.