“Thank you, Axe Body Spray, for ensuring our fire alarms work.”

A tongue-in-cheek note of gratitude toward that most potent of hygiene products is just one on a list of thank-yous from NDSCS President John Richman ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

In a video posted by the college’s Student Life organization Facebook page Tuesday, Nov. 22, Richman also thanked a construction project at the school for helping everyone “get their steps in” and the campus bookstore for reminding everyone of the third-party candidate they should have voted for: the school mascot, Willie the Wildcat.

Richman pokes a little fun at himself in the video, including a jab at himself for not knowing that a pound sign is a hashtag.

The video, reminiscent of a series of sketches by late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, also features a stoic musical cameo by the school’s police sergeant, Steve Helgeson.

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Here's the full video: