GRAND FORKS-A new distracted driving law is on the books in North Dakota, but what does that mean for drivers?

The new law expands the old one, which means distracted driving is now about more than texting: from eating and snapchatting, to browsing through music.

If you're doing these things and cause an accident or break traffic laws, Grand Forks police say you will face an additional citation.

They say the purpose of the law is not to raise revenue for police, but to remind the public about how dangerous driving while distracted can be.

"You're in charge of an awful substantial vehicle, hurtling down the roadway at a fairly substantial speed and there's a level of responsibility that goes with that," said Grand Forks police Lt. Derik Zimmel. "We need to get our attention out from the interior of the vehicle and pay attention to what we're doing on the roadway."

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The law goes into effect on Aug. 1.

It's important to note you won't be pulled over just for distracted driving.

Zimmel says it's a "secondary offense."