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YWCA asking for donations of unwanted furniture

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FARGO—The YWCA is asking you to do some spring cleaning this week by donating unwanted furniture.

The organization gives the furniture to families after they move out of the YWCA shelter. They are asking for anything from beds to dressers and lamps.

The YWCA says a simple piece of furniture is a true gift to many women who have been in their shelters.

"The impact of their furniture is amazing," said Anne Slette of the YWCA. "Like I've said, we've served women who have never had a bed before. Or their kids have never had their own couch or items. And this is an opportunity to transform lives."

People can donate by calling the YWCA for a pick-up of your furniture.

It usually takes about a week to organize the date and time for a team member to come by to pick up the items. It happens most often pick-up on Tuesdays or Thursdays.